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What Others Say About Us

Our wedding ceremony in Stanley Park far exceeded our expectations, it is a day that will live on in our memories forever.  You being there alleviated nervous tension and allowed us the chance to enjoy the moment.  The planning sessions were great and your thought of details that I never would have, you certainly have a passion and talent for event planning.
~ jen & pete, married spring 2011

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Holly!  I really believe that she is wonderful, personable, and hard-working, truly an asset to any event!  I only wish that we could clone Holly and that she could be my local contact no matter what city the program operates.  She was wonderful to work with and I knew that when we discussed items that she would make sure that they were done correctly and the first time.  I just can't say enough great things about her!
~ Gavel International, 2011

Being a destination wedding in Whistler, it was great to have someone who knew the local area and could make arrangements for us. Everything she did was great, but she proved herself invaluable in two different situations: First, we discovered, unlike they had advised us, the hotel did not have a steamer for my wedding dress. Disaster! Holly took it in stride and found a local dry cleaner than did a rush job on the morning of the wedding, so I didn't have to walk down the aisle in a wrinkled dress. If that wasn't enough, our photographer called Holly the morning of the wedding - from the hospital! He had thrown his back out and couldn't do our pictures. Holly was able to make sure everything was on track before letting us know that anything had happened. It made our day so much more relaxed to know that she was looking after everything. I would high recommend Holly for your special events too.
~ todd & stacy, married winter of 2009


 Holly, I don't know what we would have done without you there to deal with EVERYTHING. The Photographer misshap could have gone really bad, but you were great dealing with the situation. Your attention to detail was truly appreciated.  We both enjoyed our day tremendously and thats what matters to us.

~ julie & bryan, married summer 2013


Thank you Holly for making our wedding day so easy! We truly appreciate your help – you planned our agenda and then you made sure that we stuck to it, and because of you we were able to relax and enjoy our day. I think my wife would agree that our wedding was the best ever, and we will both be eternally grateful to you for that. I highly recommend Holly Paddon’s wedding services!
~ todd & nicole, married fall 2009

Thank you for taking such good care of all of us in August. I know we are not an especially easy group to please but Holly managed to do just that. The dining venues you selected were perfect and the logistical arrangements for that long drive from Vancouver to Whistler were flawless. Not an easy task with this group! I felt confident throughout the week knowing that you had a perfect understanding of our group dynamics and would make everything work. Everyone had a wonderful time in Whistler.
~ The A Institute, 2011

I would like to let you know of outstanding work Holly has done to secure accommodations close to the HPS-UOP workshop venue. Instead of commuting across the inlet, we will now stay within walking distance of the Pinnacle Hotel.  I appreciated timely updates from Holly on the progress of reservations and her effort to bring about successful conclusion. 
~ UOP LLC, 2010

In the lead up to my program my trusty Rare Indigo team member, Holly Paddon, always took the time to teleconference with me and to talk me through all available options and particular solutions for my group. Holly’s generosity with her time allowed us to build a strong working relationship from opposite sides of the world. 
Due to circumstances outside my control I was unable to complete a site inspection for this 150pax, 8 day incentive program. This put added pressure on all involved and meant last minute changes were required once I arrived in Canada.  Holly dealt with my changes in a fearless manner and with open communication we were able to produce a program that was described as the “best ever”.
~ IBA, 2010

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